Jazz Nights på Bryggan med Live Foyn Friis Trio

Live Foyn Friis kommer til Vito’s Restaurant! ❤️

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Norwegian Live Foyn Friis lived and studied in Denmark. From here, she has exploded onto the international stage with her personal type of indie-jazz.
Jazz Special’s critic was, to put it mildly, excited over her most recent album, Live Foyn Friis with Strings , where the string section gently becomes part of her sound.
Already her debut release, Joy Visible, was a nominated for Best Danish Jazz Album at the Danish Music Awards. Later on, she climbed all the way to the top and won awards for Young Jazz Composer of the Year and Denmark’s New Jazz Star.
Live Foyn Friis has toured in Europe, USA, Africa and South America, and has been selected for Denmark’s musical export shipment to Germany, where her concerts have been completely sold out. The emerging singer has performed with artists such as Brian Blade, John Scofield Überjam Band, Thomas Morgan and Bobby McFerrin.
‘There isn’t a single doubt that you a are listening to a singer-songwriter of divine grace.’ (GAFFE).
‘Live Foyn Friis has real X-factor’ (Jakob Hassing, Jazz Special).


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Live Foyn Friis kommer til Vito's Restaurant! ❤️ Overraskelses konsert begynner kl. 19.30 på fredag 18/9!
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